It’s important to note that at the time, this was the only way that shopify sellers could sign up for their merchant account. Now, there are other systems like Moo and Wave that do exactly this, which makes getting your merchant account on shopify even easier.

And even if you don’t plan on selling any products to the general public, it’s still a valuable way to learn more about the product and where to find things.
9. Shopify Shopify
Found by Evan Williams, who later founded Twitter.
One of the first new startups to appear from the explosion of app stores in 2013, Shopify debuted with a single purpose: to help website owners run their sites on a small laptop or desktop.
Buyers use Shopify for quick site sales, and by connecting directly to their store on the Shopify app, it’s easy to do so. And it’s even more convenient when they buy from you on the go, using the Shopify app for phone shopping.
The app itself is incredibly powerful. It allows customers to make purchases directly from your site on Android or iPhone devices. And it has built-in payment processing. So even if someone doesn’t have an ecommerce store and just wants to shop, they can sign up with a credit card from their phone to save time, and get their item delivered right away.

Shopify Shop
With a simple interface that’s easy to use, Shopify Shop features an amazing catalog of hundreds of thousands of products. From watches and shoes to clothes and shoes, you can do your shopping easily from your phone. And with all of Shopify’s services, it makes the process even easier for the store owner.
Shopify Shop is available as an app on most smartphones, but is also available online at
12. Shopify Pay
Payment processing isn’t
Shopify also helps shoppers pay for products in real time on their smartphones.
So, when a customer purchases something in the app, the

shopping app, or their email account, the payment is immediately sent to Shopify’s payment processing system. Customers can even make the purchases from their email, paying with a credit card, and it’s quick. The seller is paid immediately when the product ships. And merchants are paid by the store owner once they’ve earned a certain amount of sales.